ZMAX is a fun and family friendly Martial Arts School located in Miranda in the Sutherland Shire.


At Zone Martial Arts, we beleive self defence is important for everyone to learn, regardless of age, fitness level or gender.


 We teach a number of different martial arts styles but they are all focused on building confidence, self discipline and fitness to aid in any self defence situation.


Our most popular program is our Hosinsool (Korean Self Defence) style that teaches an end to end self defence system that is rooted in fully functional and practical self defence techniques.

We also have offerings for those wanting to learn

  • Haidong Gumdo - Korean Swords for Juniors and Adults

  • Sunmudo/Zen Balance  for those wanting some yoga and meditation mixed with martial arts practice

  • Functional Fitness Classes for those who just want fitness

  • Taekwondo & Taekyun classes for those who want to extend thier Honsinsool training. 

We have options available for any person interested in martial arts and our full time school is completely equipped to teach martial arts in a safe and fun environment.


At ZMAX we believe that martial arts are for everyone, regardless of age, gender or current fitness level.
We encourage all our students to develop strong mindsets alongside strong bodies to tackle all the obstacles they will face in life whether physical or mental.

We have a full time centre just near the five ways at Miranda.

Martial Arts Sutherland Shire


Free 2 week trial 


JULY 2022

ZMAX is running a school holiday program in the Sutherland Shire for July 2022.

The program is for kids aged 5 and up. Its going to be a lot of fun featuring martial arts, games, fitness and more...

Book your kids spot today at the link below.



Learning martial arts is more than just physical effort and exercise. Martial arts builds stronger minds at the same time as building stronger bodies and allows you to exceed expectations at work, school and at play.
Students of martial arts programs learn discipline and focus which not only help in every day, practical situations, they also help in scenarios where you have to use your skills to defend yourself. Martial Arts is also proven to help stop children being bullied and build confidence.

ZMAX have a number of streams for students to follow on their journey to a black belt in martial arts.

Hosinsool ( Korean Self Defence)

The major program run at Zone Martial Arts is our Korean Self Defence program or Hosinsool. It is a fully functional self defence program teaching practical self defence techniques for all situations. The style allows students to progress through the coloured belts towards a black belt in a structured way that continues to build on their skills to cultivate self belief and confidence, not only in with martial arts skills but in many areas of their life.

The program is based on techniques from Taekwondo and Taekyun and includes kicks, punches/strikes, blocking as well as falling techniques and throws.

It is also available for people of any age or fitness as any physical limitations can be factored in to each students learning program.

Little Dragons

Our Little Dragons program  for kids aged 4 - 6 is focuses on listening skills, building confidence, motor skills and fitness all while having a fun time learning kicks and punches.

The full program is structured to teach young kids key skills that help thier development and is based on Taekwondo techniques.

Haidong Gumdo

Learning Korean Swords is an art itself. It doesnt matter if you have done martial arts before either. It will challenge you mentally and physically, allowing you to follow a path of personal development through martial arts. With a focus on patterns and cutting drills, you will find an inner peace and a mental strength you might not realise you needed. 

Zen Balance / Sunmudo

Based on the Korean Martial Arts of Sunmudo and Taekyun, the Zen Balance class teaches a mix of Zen Yoga, Meditation, Quigong (breathing) excercises and martial arts techniques.

It allows you to challenge yourself and push your limits. 


Teaching traditional Taekwondo, the ZMAX Taekwondo program is taught as an extension to our Hosinsool training allowing students to achieve a second black belt certification.

The Taekwondo extension program at Zone Martial Arts adds on the Kukkiwon patterns and sparring methodology to enhance a students martial arts journey.


Taekyun (Sometimes known as Taekkyeon) is one of the oldest martial arts in Korea and has a focus on natural and flowing movements and stances. This martial art will help you to develop concentration, power and dynamic flexibility.

The Taekyun extension program at Zone Martial Arts adds on the Kyulyun Taekyun sequences and patterns to enhance a students martial arts journey. 



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Ph : 0417 088 886

Email : info@zmax.com.au

Address : 28/205 Port Hacking Road