10 Reasons Why Martial Arts Can Help You Reach Your Physical Fitness Goals

The benefits of martial arts training can be both internal and external. Training hard will help lose weight and get stronger but it will also help with your core muscles which help you in

small ways every day. It also helps your flexibility which will help prevent injury from your everyday activities. Without a doubt, the martial arts can help many people achieve their physical goals. Here are ten reasons why martial arts can help you achieve your goals.

1. One class provides all of the components of fitness.

Cardio, strength, flexibility, and functional movement. Most fitness classes focus only on one component of fitness, whereas the martial arts uses a combination of all the components in one class. Abilities such as speed, power, and agility are not considered components of fitness; however, they are also included in martial arts classes.

2. It improves body composition.

You will burn fat and build muscle. Its not to say that cardio and weights wont help as well, but martial arts is a great way to achieve this while having some fun and learning a great life skill.

3. The training is balanced.

One of the primary reasons why the body experiences pain and injury is a lack of balance between muscles. Luckily, the martial arts are naturally embedded with an approach to balance; right and left side training, upper and lower body training, pushing and pulling, and much more.

4. It is functional training.

Functional training is training that uses your body in a way that it was intended to be used in daily life. The fitness world has just recently rediscovered the importance of this approach to training; however, the martial arts have always utilized functional training. This encompasses