Seven Benefits of Serious Martial Arts Training

Updated: Dec 30, 2018

Do you still need reasons to do serious martial arts training? If you do, here are seven benefits you will get from serious martial arts training.

You become fitter

The more you do serious martial arts training, the fitter you will become. That extra few reps of each exercise, pushing yourself lower in your push ups and not standing around will mean you are getting the most out of your training You become so focused on learning and improving the techniques that you don’t notice all the weight you’ve been losing and that muscle you’ve been gaining.

Having a more toned and fit body is just one of the many benefits of martial arts.

You become more focused

The more seriously you train in martial arts, the better you become at focusing on your goals. You know that hard work and discipline will help you achieve your goals faster and that getting sidetracked could lead to your demise.

Because you’re so used to goal setting and staying focused at training, doing the same at work or school becomes easier. You know what it takes to accomplish a task, and you’ll stop at nothing till you’ve completed it.

You become more humble

When you train in martial arts, you’ll come across lots of different training partners. Some may be athletically gifted, some may be more technical – there will always be someone to challenge you.

When you are serious about your training, you begin to know just how challenging things can be. You will know that everyone makes mistakes and that this is ok. You will end up losing to a sparring partner or at a competition and know that this is fine because that’s just the way it is. Just make sure that you learn from these mistakes and turn them into strengths later on.

You get used to their being challenges and you become more accepting of yourself as a martial artist.

You become more zen

A lot of people believe that training in martial arts makes people more violent. Because they’re being taught violent techniques, people think that it’s only natural that they would use it on others.

A true martial artist is the complete opposite of violent. In fact, they will probably walk away from getting into fights if they can. A serious martial artist knows that using martial arts against other people is the last option.

When you are serious about martial arts, you realise that rather than becoming more violent, you become more cautious because you know the damage you can do if you don’t have that control. You learn to avoid conflict and learn that the challenge isn’t about how well you fight others, but how you control yourself.