Hosinsool, Taekwondo or Taekyun. What is the difference and which one should I learn?

Recently, we rolled out a major change at Zone Martial Arts. We changed from teaching Taekwondo as our core style to teaching Hosinsool, or Korean Self Defence.

The question I am asked the most is why we changed, followed by what happened to Taekwondo. We still teach both (as well as Taekyun) but there were some very specific reasons why we changed.

The main one was that most students at ZMAX were looking for self-defence skills and confidence building activities. I am not saying that Taekwondo isn’t good for self-defence, it is in certain aspects, but there were a few things we needed to add on to make the self-defence components more applicable in more situations.

We also had a lot of students who didn’t want to learn Taekwondo patterns. We always wanted our students to benefit from the life skills that learning martial arts delivers, but a lot of students stopped training from lack of interest in patterns. It was a hard choice to remove this aspect as there is a lesson in learning everything and putting the time into all aspects of Taekwondo (including patterns) whether you like them or not. But we decided that forcing patterns onto students wasn’t beneficial in the end. They are still there though if you want them, more on that later.

We also started rolling out our Taekyun program which had a whole set of moves that complimented Taekwondo from a self-defence perspective.

So the simple solution was to combine the Taekwondo and Taekyun programs into one single self-defence program, Hosinsool (which means Self Defence in Korean). This is now the core style we teach at Zone Martial Arts.

Students learn a practical self-defence program with all the moves from our Taekwondo syllabus (except the patterns) and a whole raft of moves from our Taekyun syllabus (including throws, breakfalls and new kick and striking techniques). They then proceed to get a black belt in Hosinsool.

This change meets the goals set by the majority of our students or the parents of students. That of building confidence and learning self defence skills.

For those wanting to get a Taekwondo black belt, we facilitate this in our bridging class. The only Taekwondo component missing in our Self-defence program is the Taekwondo Patterns. Students can choose whether they want to learn them and they would attend our bridging classes as well to learn their patterns and do Taekwondo tournament sparring. They would then get a black belt in both Hosinsool and Taekwondo.

For those wanting to branch out further, you can also choose to learn Taekyun in our bridging class. This involves learning Taekyun patterns, extra techniques and Taekyun Battle sparring.

Now students have more control on their training program and can mix and match to achieve their own personal goals. Choose just Hosinsool or do that and add on Taekwondo, you choose.

For more information or a free trial, please contact us.

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