How to get the most out of your Online training experience

ith the need now for online classes via ZOOM or the Zone Virtual Campus, a lot of you are now using devices to help with your training. So I wanted to share some tips about how you can all get the best out of the experience.

Log in Early

Usually about 5 minutes before is ideal. You can use the time to do some extra stretching before the class starts and you will be ready to go exactly when the class starts.


In the group classes, extra noise can be a bit distracting. It's great to start with your mic on to say your initial hellos and get involved in the banter (you know we always welcome some friendly banter at ZMAX) then when the class starts, switch your mic off to minimise background noise and allow all participants to hear clearly.


Although you are at home training, it is important to keep training in a formal martial arts way. So treat every class as though it is a class you would attend at the club. Stand strong, don’t fidget or run off and use every minute to improve your training.

Uniforms and Belts

A great way to maintain a Martial Arts attitude is to wear your uniform. Even if it’s just your uniform pants and a Zone Shirt with your belt. It will help remind you that, even though its online, it’s still a martial arts class.

Your Screen

So this is the one a lot of people struggle with. If you are doing the class on a phone or ipad, sometimes the screen is hard to see. Well most TV’s and devices have a mirroring function so

you can send the image to your television. Check out the Screen Mirroring Blog for more details and tips on how to better your training experience.


Lastly, don’t ignore your training. It is easy to say “it’s just a few months, it won’t impact my training too much” and stop training. You will be surprised how much work it is to get back your fitness levels and abilities. So keep training, keep stretching and try and get on every class online you can so you are still developing your martial arts skills.

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