Improve your fitness, how to find the time.

Updated: Jan 3, 2019

Martial Arts is a great way to get fit and feel healthier so it makes sense that you will improve your fitness when you join a martial arts club. The reality is, that a martial arts class should only be part of your fitness plan. In a class, your instructors will teach you about self-defence, patterns, sparring and so on. This will all improve your fitness but it shouldn’t be the only fitness work you do.

One of the other things you will get told a lot at a martial arts class is the need to practise at home. One thing I remember from my first instructor was being told;

“for every hour of training in class, you should do one hour at home”

Now, not everyone has that much free time, but how about I give you a super simple way to find that extra training and fitness time. Make sure you read all the way to the end to. Don’t just stop when you read the first line of the challenge.

The Challenge

Week 1

Before you go to bed tonight, put out some training clothes in a pile and set your alarm for 15 minutes earlier than usual. Are you still reading? Good.

When your alarm goes off, get out of bed, get dressed and go for a 10 minute run. If you have a few more minutes from getting dressed fast, use them any way you like.

Week 2

After the first week, set the alarm for another 5 minutes earlier. You now have 20 minutes.

Still do your 10 minute run but now use the extra five minutes to do a pattern twice and some post exercise stretches (see my previous entry about a stretching challenge if you need some guidance).

Week 3

I know I am asking a lot but set your alarm for another 5 minutes earlier. You now have 25 minutes.

You are still doing a 10 minute run and stretches, but now do two patterns and add in 10 – 20 sit ups.

Week 4

Last request I promise. Set your alarm another 5 minutes earlier. Now you have an extra 30 minutes.

The plan is still the same as week 3 but now add in 10 – 20 push ups. Also, if you are outside, find a spot where you can see some trees or a nice view and do 2 minutes of a good horse riding stance.

At this point you are waking up 30 minutes earlier than you did before and you are probably feeling fitter and healthier. You will most likely find that you aren’t tired either.

I also recommend you don’t just jump to week 4. Start at week 1 and advance in stages. Most people who try and just jump into a 30 minute earlier start will hit snooze or stop after a few days. If you ease into it and break the big goal down into smaller steps, you will find it easier to do.

I know its winter, but so many people want to lose weight and get fit in spring so they are ready for summer. Get a head start and try the challenge now. Your body will thank you and most likely, your martial arts instructor will to.

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