Taekyun - an old martial art new in the Sutherland Shire

Zone Martial Arts is pleased to announce that we will be commencing Taekyun classes in term 2 2019. Its going to be an exciting journey for existing and new students but what actually is Taekyun?

What is Taekyun (or Taekkyeon)?

Taekyun (or Taekkyeon) is a traditional Korean martial art first explicitly recorded during the Joseon Dynasty. Taekyun is characterized by fluid, dynamic foot movement called "pum balgi" or Stepping-on-Triangles.

Dating back at least six-hundred years in its current form, Taekyun is excellent for the development of general fitness, strength and agility, suitable for rehabilitation from and the prevention of certain injuries, and has uniquely dynamic footwork and kicks, making it beautiful to watch. Taekyun training may incorporate a high degree of sparring as well as a vast array of techniques – with grappling, striking, kicking, throwing and wrestling, Taekyun has something for everyone

Taekyun contains many kinds of techniques, including hand and leg techniques as well as joint locks, throws and head butts. The whole body is used in each movement. Taekyun teaches a great variety of kicks, especially low kicks, knees, jumps. The basic steps are geometric and at the core of all advanced movement. All movements are natural to the human body.

The movements of Taekkyon are fluid with the practitioners constantly moving. One of its most striking characteristics is the motion called gumsil or ogeum jil: It is a constant bending and stretching of one's knees, giving the art a dance-like appearance. Taekkeyon does not make use of abrupt knee motions. The principles and methods used to extend the kick put more emphasis on grace and alignment for whole-body strength, as with the arm motions.

But wait, there's more.

As part of the Taekyun classes, students will also have the opportunity to learn the hidden Korean secret martial arts of Hopaesool.

Hopaesool is an art that was not casually revealed to the public in Korea due to its lethality. "Hopae" was an identification card that men over the age of 16 carried during the Chosun Dynasty. Nobles used "Hopae" made of ivory, while ordinary people used wooden "Hopae." Sometimes, Hopae was used as a martial arts weapon in emergency situations.

Later, a martial art using "Hopae" was systematically developed: The art is called "Hopaesool." However, since its destructive power was great it was not open to the public. Master Do hopes that as times have changed, Hopaesool can be used as a self-defense technique by many, and has decided to open it to the public.

The biggest advantage of Hopaesool is that the Hopae is small and easy to carry, but has great destructive power. The art also demonstrates movements with grace and beauty. 

You can view class times on our website and if you are new to martial arts, why not try Taekyun as something different and new?

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