Welcome To Zone Martial Arts

Thanks for coming to find out more information about Zone Martial Arts. 

Martial arts is a great way to get fit and have fun while at the same time, learning about self confidence and focus. 

Its also great to train with friends and family and to share your martial arts journey with other people. 

Zone Martial Arts is a fun, family friendly club that teaches mulitple martial arts styles that are suitable for everyone. All ages, all fitness levels can do martial arts. The only thing stopping you is you.

The information below will give you a good starting point but there is no better starting point than coming and joining in for a class.

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1 Month Free Trial

Our normal trial period is 2 weeks free training to test out the club and see if its right for you.

You were referred by a friend though so you get a full month to train and make a decision.

You dont need to wait till the end of the month to sign up though. We will always factor in the trial period to the first terms fees.


What to wear
Casual clothes are fine. T Shirt and shorts, tracksuit pants or tights are all great options. 

Students who sign up will get a free uniform so until then, feel free to wear whatever is comfortable. 

Also try and bring water along to class, you will need it.

Our fees are calculated per term. We do pro rata fees for people who start mid term so there is no need to wait till the start of the term to join in.

The fees start from $285 per term for one martial art style. Family discounts and multiple martuial arts discounts apply. Per year, per term or monthly payment options all are available.

We are also an active kids provider so you can use your NSW vouchers with us.


Choosing the right style for you can be a tough choice. The good news is you can try any of our styles during the trial period. The button below will take you to the full details page but here is a snapshot


This is the most popular style. It is self defence martial arts using techniques from the full Taekwondo and Taekyun curriculums. Its kicks, punches, strikes, blocks and throws all mixed into an effective self defence program.


Want to take your training to the next level and get more than one black belt? Then add in the Taekwondo stream or the Taekyun Stream. You add in patterns and some style specific sports sparring on top of your Hosinsool training to really ramp things up a notch.


Maybe you want to learn to swing a sword, go full jedi or samurai. The Haidong Gumdo program will teach you how to wield a Korean sword (wooden to begin with). Its patterns focused but is a great way to build focus and concentration while having a lot of fun.


Are you looking for something more Zen? Try our Sunmudo class that is a mix of Meditation, Tai Chi style breathing routines, Yoga and Martial Arts patterns. Its a great way to become more flexible and challenge yourself without the contact that comes from other martial arts styles.


Do you  think youre kids are too young to start? We have age specific classes for those aged 4 to 7 that focus on listeing skills, confidence, motor skills and concentration. Its a great way to get your child moving and having fun.



You have got this far and there are only two more things to do.


Click the link below to check out our timetable and choose which class to come along to. You can come to as many classes as you like. We would rather you come and train than be at home wishing you could.


Fill out the contact form below. Feel free to ask any questions that you want answered before you come and mention who referred you so we can give them some kudos.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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